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Please contact your DocuSign Account Manager to ensure your account has API and DocuSign Connect™ activated. This is required to access the full features of the DocuSign for Confluence add-on.

DocuSign does not make this integration available to Personal or Standard plan levels. How do I upgrade my DocuSign plan?

Upon successful installation of the DocuSign for Confluence add-on, follow the steps below to associate your DocuSign for Confluence add-on with your DocuSign account. 

System Administration Setup 

Step 1: Create a new DocuSign user with full administrative rights.

DocuSign for Confluence uses a DocuSign's Send-On-Behalf-Of (SOBO) admin account to connect your instances. This make initial setup simple and easy and streamlines individual User Configuration.

 Follow the steps outlined in DocuSign Administration Reference Guide, to create a new DocuSign user with full admin rights. 

  •  Tip: For additional security we highly recommend creating a SOBO user that's only used for Confluence. The username should be descriptive, such as Confluence DocuSign Administrator, since it will appear in comments and notifications in Confluence. 

Step 2:  Create a DocuSign Confluence Administrator

Creating a separate Confluence Administrator is a "Best Practice". It is only necessary that the Confluence Administrator account used in Step 4 have the same email address as the DocuSign SOBO administrator account.

Create a Confluence user account with the same email address as the DocuSign SOBO Administrator created in Step and add it to the "confluence-administrators" Group.

Step 3: Activate the DocuSign for Confluence add-on. 

  1. Navigate to the DocuSign Connection page in Confluence.
    • There are 3 ways to get to the DocuSign Connection Page. 

      • Universal Plugin Manager > User-installed add-ons > DocuSign for Confluence > Get Started > DocuSign Connection.


      • Confluence Administration > DocuSign Configuration > DocuSign Connection.


      • If you have Confluence admin rights, simply type "gg" to get a shortcut to the search menu. Type "DocuSign" and the DocuSign Connection page should show up.                       

      • If the association is not set up, you will see a blue banner that says "No connection to DocuSign." 

  2. Enter the Confluence username of the new Confluence administrator you've just created.

    Confluence 5.7-5.8x Users note that the User Autocomplete for the "Confluence DocuSign User" field may not function properly. Simply enter the username in the field and it will still work properly.

  3. Enter the DocuSign SOBO Administrator's password. Not its Confluence password.  You are authenticating and establishing a connection with DocuSign in this step.  It will need the password associated with the DocuSign SOBO administrator.

  4. You will see this green banner appear upon successful connection.

Confirming Your DocuSign Administrator Account has Send-on-Behalf-Of (SOBO) Rights

SOBO rights should be activated automatically upon connecting via Confluence.  However, if you're having continued authentication problems, you may want to ensure the associated DocuSign administrator's account has SOBO rights set properly.

  1. Sign into DocuSign as the administrator created in Step 1 above.

  2. Confirm your account has a DocuSign API section, then select Send on Behalf Of Rights (API) and it's all set.

  3. Don't forget to click Save.


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