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Don't have a DocuSign Account just yet?  Try it out with a Free DocuSign Demo/Developer account!

Add the DocuSign Confluence™ Administrator

Create a DocuSign Confluence Administrator that has the same email address as one of your DocuSign account's administrators. 

The Confluence User created in this step must be added to the confluence-administrators group.

Switch to Test Mode

Important. Test mode tells the add-on to point to DocuSign's demo (vs production) account environment. DocuSign for Confluence™ ships in Production Mode. Go to the the DocuSign Add-On Settings to switch between modes. When you're in Test Mode, connection banners will be Yellow warning. In Production Mode, Blue info and Green success banners will be present.

DocuSign Trial accounts are production accounts and will not integrate with DocuSign for JIRA without contacting DocuSign support for feature activation.

Simply select the "This is a Test or Stage Confluence Environment" checkbox.  This is automatic.  No save or submit button necessary.  Now you can connect to a DocuSign demo account.

Connect to DocuSign

In the General Configuration section "DocuSign Connection" enter the DocuSign Confluence Administrator and its DocuSign account password.  Not its Confluence password.  We're authenticating and setting up the integration connection at this step, so it must be the DocuSign credentials.

User Profile Connection

Sometimes user's Confluence email addresses are the same as their DocuSign account email addresses.  Sometimes they're not.  If not, you'll want to associate your Confluence profile with one of your DocuSign Accounts directly.  A new panel in your Confluence User Profile called "DocuSign Account Authentication" will let you associate your desired DS account with your Confluence user account.

Now you're ready to use DocuSign for Confluence™!